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Worthy Causes

At Global Investors Group, the philosophy of the company is to return to society a percentage of what is generated by fee and commission income to worthy causes.

Since August 2012 we have done this by making an initial $25 donation to Kiva for every new client we take on.

We are also involved with the sponsorship and support of a number of International Schools and individual causes and charities.

If you have a worthy cause you would like sponsorship for, do get in touch at


Put a Smile into a Soul

Fun was the essence of the day by the participants and spectators as you will see from the photos below, always remembering that the day was in aid of The Panos Evripidou Foundation.


The Panos Evripidou Foundation was established due to the experience of a family in Cyprus whose sons came into this world prematurely on May19th, 2011. While they lost Christian just two days after he was born, their son Angelos came out of the N.I.C.U just a few weeks later. Despite being a healthy baby, he needed physiotherapy until he started to walk, and he still undergoes speech therapy so that he can learn to speak as his hearing is impaired.

However, it was the ordeal of their third son, Panos that really inspired the creation of the Panos Evripidou Foundation, which is dedicated to him. He was the smallest one of the three, weighing only 600g. Due to his pre-maturity, Panos spent his entire14-month life in the loving care of the Doctors and Staff of Makarios Hospital, and, unfortunately, never had the chance to come home. He was the first baby in Cyprus to celebrate his 1st birthday in the N.I.C.U. Even though he was a fighter and overcame many of the challenges he faced in his brief life due to prematurity, he decided to leave on August 1st 2012 and join his brother Christian.

The Doctors and Staff of Makarios Hospital quoted “Panos lived each day to make a difference and touch one heart”.

During the time Panos spent in the Hospital, they had to live each day at a time and learn to expect the unexpected—to believe in miracles. This is what actually motivated them as parents, they say, to try to help other families in need in the memory of Panos.

According to statistics by WHO (World Health Organization), Cyprus is ranked 13th for premature births and globally 14.7% of babies are born premature.

Thank you once again for your support. All your contributions are of great value to this truly worthy cause.

The 7th Limassol Marathon

We are pleased to announce that Global Investors Group, recently provided sponsorship to the GlobalNet Corporate team for their entry into the  7th Limassol Marathon in aid of The Panos Evripidou Foundation held on 23rd March 2013.

Total sponsorship raised to date from the GlobalNet network is €3220! Further donations can still be made by contacting or and we would kindly ask you to do so for this very worthy cause.


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